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The Impact of Henryk Berlewi – Abigail Friedman’s Yiddish Pavillion

April 17, 2015

Brussels. Abigail Fridman who is an interior design student in Israel contacted the Henryk Berlewi Archive this month and shared her final project dealing with the Yiddish language with the Archive. During her research she noticed that Henryk Berlewi’s work and thinking was strongly influenced and focused on Yiddish culture. Inspired by Henryk Berlewi Abigail created a three dimensional concept that models her vision of a Yiddish Pavillion representing the culture through the art of music and literature. The vision is a modern interactive Pavilion where people can meet who have the same language and pass to future generations the culture of joy and playful way.

We are pleased and thankful that Abigail has shared the images of her Model with us and granted us the right to display them on the website of the Henryk Berlewi Archive. (Images Copyright Abigail Friedman)






Rare Book Recommendation: Futur Anterieur – L’avant-garde et le livre yiddish (1914-1939)

January 3, 2015

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-03 um 13.06.49

Futur antérieur
L’avant-garde et le livre yiddish

Catalogue de l’exposition

Couleur, 2009
272 pages

Henryk Berlewi Archive seeks partners in Poland for its exhibition

December 12, 2014

Stuttgart. The Henryk Berlewi Archive is seeking Partners in Poland to become a partner for an exhibition on Henryk Berlewi. “We are especially interested in museums that would like to host our show in 2016/2017” says Sebastian Gaiser from the Archive. He concludes: “We are planning to have the exhibition ready at the end of 2015, it has been a long way. We have contacted the first institutions and are positive that a collaboration can be announced in 2015.”

KINEFAKTURA by Marcin Giżycki

May 13, 2013

Kindly supported by the artist, we are very proud to present

KINEFAKTURA by Marcin Giżycki.

Based on Berlewi´s ideas, Marcin Giżycki created three animated variations of ‘Mechanofaktura. Dynamic Contrasts’ of 1924.

Henryk Berlewi im Museum Ritter

April 24, 2013

Vom 12. Mai bis 22. September 2013 zeigt das Museum Ritter die Ausstellung

Malerei – konstruktiv, konkret

Als eines der Highlights wird hier auch Berlewis Werk Mécano-Facture von 1924 zu sehen sein, das sich im Besitz des Museums befindet.

Weitere Informationen zur Ausstellung finden Sie HIER.


June 6, 2012

Interesting article on jewish culture in Poland:

Reasserting and Redefining Jewish Culture in Poland


Henryk Berlewi in Wuppertal’s superb STURM exhibition

March 11, 2012

Wuppertal. Ever heard of Wuppertal? If not, it is about time to fly to Cologne or Düsseldorf and take the train to Wuppertal. The Von der Heydt-Museum has compiled one of the best STURM exhibitions in decades and offers a bright and beautiful view on Herwarth Walden’s STURM, his taste and collection. Henryk Berlewi is represented with 4 well known works. The catalogue gives an excellent overview of the STURM and its impact.